Riddle 8 (or 6)

Ic þurh muþ sprece      mongum reordum,
wrencum singe,      wrixle geneahhe
heafodwoþe,      hlude cirme,
healde mine wisan,      hleoþre ne miþe,
5     eald æfensceop,      eorlum bringe
blisse in burgum,      þonne ic bugendre
stefne styrme;      stille on wicum
sittað nigende.      Saga hwæt ic hatte,
þe swa scirenige      sceawendwisan
10     hlude onhyrge,      hæleþum bodige
wilcumena fela      woþe minre.

I speak through my mouth with many sounds,
I sing with modulation, frequently vary
my voice, call loudly,
stick to my ways, I do not stifle my speech,
5     an old evening-singer, I bring delight
to dwellers in the cities, when I bellow
with bending voice; still in their homes,
they sit silently. Say what I am called,
who, like an actress, loudly imitates
10     the entertainer’s song, proclaims to people
many greetings with my speaking.

Highlight the box with your cursor to reveal the possible solutions: Nightingale (likely), Pipe or Flute, all manner of other birds, etc.


2 thoughts on “Riddle 8 (or 6)

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