Riddle 11 (or 9)

Hrægl is min hasofag,      hyrste beorhte,
reade ond scire      on reafe minum.
Ic dysge dwelle      ond dole hwette
unrædsiþas,      oþrum styre
5     nyttre fore.      Ic þæs nowiht wat
þæt heo swa gemædde,      mode bestolene,
dæde gedwolene,      deoraþ mine
won wisan gehwam.      Wa him þæs þeawes,
siþþan heah bringað      horda deorast,
10     gif hi unrædes      ær ne geswicaþ.

My garment is stained dark, my ornaments bright,
red and shining on my robe.
I delude the fool and urge the idiot
on reckless tracks; others I steer
5     from suitable ones. I do not know why
they, thus mad, robbed of reason,
deluded in deed, praise my
shadowy way to everyone. Woe to them for that habit,
when they bring the most beloved of hoards on high,
10     if they do not first retreat from recklessness.

Highlight the box with your cursor to reveal the possible solutions: Wine or Cup of Wine


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