Riddle 24 (or 22)

Righto, folks…we’ve got runes again this week. So, as with Riddle 19, you might have trouble viewing the text on your computer. If so, your options are: 1) download the Junicode font or 2) scroll to the bottom of the post so see an image of the poem from a word-processing program. Enjoy!


Ic eom wunderlicu wiht,      wræsne mine stefne,
hwilum beorce swa hund,     hwilum blæte swa gat,
hwilum græde swa gos,    hwilum gielle swa hafoc,
hwilum ic onhyrge     þone haswan earn,
5     guðfugles hleoþor,     hwilum glidan reorde
muþe gemæne,     hwilum mæwes song,
þær ic glado sitte.     . ᚷ. mec nemnað,
swylce . ᚫ. ond . ᚱ.      . ᚩ. fullesteð,
. ᚻ. ond . ᛁ .     Nu ic haten eom
10     swa þa siex stafas      sweotule becnaþ.

I am a wondrous creature, I vary my voice,
sometimes I bark like a dog, sometimes I bleat like a goat,
sometimes I bellow like a goose, sometimes I yell like a hawk,
sometimes I echo the ashy eagle,
5     the noise of the war-bird, sometimes the voice of the kite
I convey from my mouth, sometimes the gull’s song,
where I sit gladly. G they call me,
likewise Æ and R. O helps,
H and I. Now I am named
10     as those six characters clearly connote.

Highlight the box with your cursor to reveal the possible solutions: Jay, Magpie, Woodpecker


Image for those without Junicode:

Riddle 24 runes screen shot


5 thoughts on “Riddle 24 (or 22)

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