Contest Announcement: Old English Riddles for the Modern World


Here at The Riddle Ages, we think summer is a time for fun. And since for some of us, FUN = CONTESTS, we have decided to do one of those. Spread the word!


This is how it works (see also conditions below): On Saturday, August 2nd at 5pm (British Summer Time), I will post a new riddle of my own creation. It will be in both Present-Day English and Old English. Although it will imitate Old English style as much as possible, its solution will be something familiar to us modern-types. The first person to correctly solve it by email, facebook message or tweet will be the winner. No sore losing will be permitted.

This is what you get: Not one, not two, but ten fabulous Riddle Ages bookmarks to share with your favourite friends, family members, instructors or students, as well as a personalized postcard from the lovely and suitably-steeped-in-Anglo-Saxon-history city of Durham.


Here are the bookmarks in all their glory.

As I see it, you, my readers, will likely have one of two reactions. Firstly (and correctly): “Ermahgerd, bookmeeeerrrrrrkkkkkssss! Bookmarks are the best! Who wouldn’t want to win two handfuls of those bad boys? And a postcard?! Sent to me anywhere in the world for free? Even better!” Secondly (and incorrectly): “What in the world am I supposed to do with ten rubbishy bookmarks and a postcard from some person I don’t even know? You’re clearly trying to fool us all into promoting your blog for you. You are bad people.” We welcome the former reaction and shan’t dignify the latter with a response.

So, be sure to prepare yourselves accordingly: brush up on your riddle-solving skills, make sure you have your computer/tablet/phone/Google glasses/neural link/etc. at hand on Saturday, and spread the word to anyone you’d particularly enjoying beating. But first, read the following conditions:

The winner of this contest agrees to The Riddle Ages posting her/his name on the blog, twitter and facebook. S/he also agrees to send us her/his postal address by private message (it will not be used for anything except mailing the prize). If the winner is an especially lovely person, s/he will obligingly send us a photo of her/him enjoying the prize, which we will post on the blog. This last one is voluntary, and subject to good taste.


4 thoughts on “Contest Announcement: Old English Riddles for the Modern World

    1. If the Anglo-Saxons had a word for the object in the riddle (I ain’t giving nothin’ away!), you are most welcome to post your answer in Old English 🙂

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