ANNOUNCEMENT: Write Us A Riddle Contest

For those of us studying or working in education: the middle of term is upon us. For those of us not: it’s freaking cold out. What unites these two things? Misery and darkness, my friends, misery and darkness. Luckily for us all, Old English poets love misery and darkness. And this is why we have a little announcement to make: ANOTHER CONTEST! Woohoo!

You’ve already seen Megan’s riddle-writing skillz, and now we want to see yours. We want you to send us riddles.

Here are the rules:

  • Anyone can enter! But only one riddle per person, please. And try to keep’em short-ish (shall we say, no longer than 15 lines?).
  • Because the point of this blog is to be accessible to Old English students and enthusiasts, we’re not going to insist on riddles in Old English. We just want nicely-written riddles that get to the heart of Anglo-Saxon style and tone. If you’d like to submit a riddle in Old English and Modern English, we’ll be very impressed, of course. If we get enough of these, we’ll judge them together in a separate category.
  • You must include your riddle’s solution, along with your name and email address, on a separate page (no spoilers!).
  • We must receive riddles by email ( no later than December 14th.
  • By entering, you consent to have your riddle posted on our website. Please note that the blog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license:

We’ll announce the results on December 18th. The judges will include a panel of Old English and creative writing experts, whose identities shall remain top secret. They don’t want to get trolled by angry riddlers. Can you imagine?!

“But wait: what do I win?,” we hear you asking. Dignity, power and bragging rights. “Hmm…going to all that effort for bragging rights seems a bit much,” you add. Fine then. You win a beautiful, customised Riddle Ages key-ring. Megan is crafting them as she types.

So, start your riddle-engines, folks! We’ll post a reminder closer to the contest closing date.


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