Riddle 45 (or 43)

Ic on wincle gefrægn      weaxan nathwæt,
þindan ond þunian,      þecene hebban.
On þæt banlease      bryd grapode,
hygewlonc hondum.      Hrægle þeahte
5     þrindende þing      þeodnes dohtor.

I heard that something was growing in the corner,
swelling and sticking up, raising its roof.
A proud bride grasped that boneless thing,
with her hands. A lord’s daughter
5     covered with a garment that bulging thing.

Highlight the box with your cursor to reveal the possible solution: Dough


6 thoughts on “Riddle 45 (or 43)

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    1. Hi Artem — ‘I found out’ is indeed one of the ways you could choose to translate this term. Like many OE words, ‘(ge)frignan’ has a fairly complex range of meanings. It’s especially related to asking or finding out information by asking. I decided to go with sense B. in the Dictionary of Old English, since it was the least clunky: B. to learn about (by inquiry), hear (tell) of, find out (mainly in poetry) / B.1. with object implicit: swa ic gefrægn ‘as I have heard’, etc.’

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