Riddle 48 (or 46)

Ic gefrægn for hæleþum      hring gyddian,*
torhtne butan tungan,      tila þeah he hlude
stefne ne cirmde,      strongum wordum.
Sinc for secgum      swigende cwæð:
5     “Gehæle mec,      helpend gæsta.”
Ryne ongietan      readan goldes
guman galdorcwide,      gleawe beþencan
hyra hælo to gode,      swa se hring gecwæð.

I heard a ring sing before men,
bright, without a tongue, rightly with strong words,
although it did not yell in a loud voice.
The treasure, silent before men, spoke:
5     “Heal me, helper of souls.”
May men interpret the mystery of the red gold,
the incantation, may they wisely entrust
their salvation to God, as the ring said.

Highlight the box with your cursor to reveal the possible solutions: Paten, Chalice, Sacramental vessel

*note that I have followed Williamson’s emendation; the manuscript reads hringende an, and Krapp and Dobbie’s ASPR edition emends to endean.


3 thoughts on “Riddle 48 (or 46)

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