Riddle 75 and 76 (or 73)

It’s another two-for-one this week! Most editors treat the first two lines as one riddle, and the third as a seperate riddle. Krapp and Dobbie are among them. Others, including Craig Williamson, edit this as a single poem. Also there are runes! Enjoy…

Ic swiftne geseah     on swaþe feran
.ᛞ ᚾ ᛚ ᚻ.
[Riddle 76] Ic ane geseah idese sittan.

I saw a swift one travel on the way
.d n l h.
[Riddle 76] I saw a woman sit alone.

Highlight the box with your cursor to reveal the possible solutions: Hound, Piss, Hound and Hind, Christ

Screen shot in case of rune malfunction:
Riddle 75 runes


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