Call for Papers, IMC Leeds 2014

The Riddle Ages plans to sponsor a session on ‘Anglo-Saxon Riddles’ at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds, 7-10 July 2014.

The Old English riddles and Anglo-Latin enigmata were essential aspects of both education and entertainment in early medieval England. Many of these short poems have attracted scholarly interest because of their engagement with objects and facets of life not generally treated elsewhere in the Anglo-Saxon corpus. Yet, it is also their style that occasions interest, as the riddles frequently make use of and play with poetic language and conventions in order to achieve their didactic and aesthetic intent. Recent work on the Old English riddles in particular has highlighted the possibility of multiple readings inherent in their intricate structure and has returned the riddles to the focus of scholars working within different theoretical frameworks. We welcome papers on every aspect of these enigmatic texts, including but not restricted to discussions of diction and style, sources and analogues, solutions and cultural studies.

If you would like to be considered for this session, please email your abstract of no more than 300 words, as well as details of your affiliation and contact addresses, to Megan Cavell ( and Matthias Ammon ( by Wednesday, September 18th, 2013.