Riddle 21 (or 19)

Neb is min niþerweard;      neol ic fere
ond be grunde græfe,      geonge swa me wisað
har holtes feond,      ond hlaford min
woh færeð      weard æt steorte,
5     wrigaþ on wonge,     wegeð mec on þyð,
saweþ on swæð min.      Ic snyþige forð,
brungen of bearwe,      bunden cræfte,
wegen on wægne,      hæbbe wundra fela;
me biþ gongendre      grene on healfe
10     ond min swæð sweotol      sweart on oþre.
Me þurh hrycg wrecen      hongaþ under
an orþoncpil,      oþer on heafde,
fæst ond forðweard.      Fealleþ on sidan
þæt ic toþum tere,      gif me teala þenaþ
15     hindeweardre,      þæt biþ hlaford min.

My nose is turned downward; I travel flat
and carve out the ground, going as the old foe
of the forest directs me, and my lord
travels crooked, a watchman at my tail,
5     moves over the plain, moves me and presses,
sows in my path. I go nose forwards,
brought from the wood, skillfully bound,
borne on a wagon, I have many marvels;
travelling, there is green on one side of me
10     and my path is clear, black on the other.
Driven through my back, there hangs underneath
a skillful spear, another on my head,
firm and forward-facing. To the side falls
what I tear with my teeth, if he serves me rightly
15     from behind, he who is my lord.

Highlight the box with your cursor to reveal the possible solution: Plough


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